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ISIS I Programme 2010-2012

ISIS I Programme 2010-2012

ECAA Agreement
ISIS I Programme 2010-2012
SES legislation
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The ISIS Programme 2010-2012 started in January 2010 with the objective of supporting its Beneficiaries with the implementation of the Single European Sky legislation (SES I).

The ISIS I Programme fostered the implementation of the ECAA Agreement in the field of air traffic management by enhancing the regulatory and technical alignment of Beneficiaries with teh EU SES I legislation. The ISIS Programme provided the appropriate understanding of the SES legislation, faciltated its transposition into national legal orders and supported the estalishment of well functioning national supervisory authorities (NSAs). The Programme comprised significant knowledge transfer and training to national staff responsible for air traffic management issues, which will facilitate the implementation of the Single European Sky legislation.

The main objectives of the ISIS I Programme were:

  • Promoting regional and sub-regional cooperation in the field of air traffic management;
  • Establishing and endorsing a road map that sets out the basic approach, key steps and major milestones in the ATM field for the future development of the ECAA together with demonstrating to stakeholders and decision-makers the positive impacts of such an area;
  • Raising awareness of the need and results of the Programme and promoting its high visibility among transport stakeholders of the region, with strong actions in favour of infomration and dissemination of results;
  • Developing twinning projects between Sout East Europe and the EU countries.

The ISIS I Programme was structured around three pillars:

  • Transposition, which aimed at fostering a clear and effective transposition of SES I legislation in domestic legal orders of Beneficiaries by performing consistency assessments of national transposition measures, supporting Beneficiaries in their development and by issuing associated recommendations;
  • NSA Capacity Building, whihc aimed at supporting the establishment and implementation of independent, duly structured and well staffed NSAs (with relevant documentation and procedures in place) in South East Europe;
  • Implementation, which aimed at faciltating the implementation of SES requirements by assessing the actual implementation of SES provisions at national level and by issuing recommendations to each Beneficiary with a view to achieving an effective and comprehensive SES implementation.

The benefit of the ISIS I Programme was demonstrated by the strong progress made by Beneficiaries as regards both the transposition of EU legal acts and NSA Capacity Building.

The ISIS II Programme will ensure the continuity of the results of the previous ISIS Programme and will further support and sustain the extension of Single European Sky to the South East Europe and to enhance the interconnection of the air navigation network infrastructures and services to align rules and standards.

The ISIS II Programme will reflect the new objectives of the Single European Sky such as performance scheme and cross border cooperation activities generated by the establishment and the functioning of Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs).

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