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Key events in 2016

Upcoming events in the first half of 2016

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Key events in 2016
EU level Workshop on Initial Performance Scheme Implementation in the ECAA context

The Programme Secretariat will organise a Workshop on Initial Performance Scheme Implementation in the ECAA Context in Brussels on Wednesday 16 March 2016. This EU level Workshop constitutes an essential step towards the initial implementation of the SES performance scheme by ECAA Partner countries (Beneficiaries of the Programme).

The specific objectives of the Workshop are to:

  • support the development and implementation of Initial Performance Plans by Beneficiaries;
  • discuss the outlook concerning full integration of Beneficiaries in the SES performance scheme (foreseen to take place in RP3, in a FAB context);
  • ensure that appropriate lines of communication are in place between EU level actors and Beneficiaries;
  • ensure continuity of initial performance scheme implementation activities also beyond the duration of the ISIS II Programme (which ends in 2016).

The Workshop is open to both NSA and ANSP staff members in charge of initial performance planning.

All the key EU level actors having responsibilities in respect of the SES performance scheme implementation will take part in the Workshop, including the European Commission (DG MOVE, Single Sky Unit), the Performance Review Body (PRB), the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Network Manager. NSAs from EU Member States are also invited in order to present the activities of the NSA Coordination Platform (Performance Scheme Working Group) as well as the experience gained from RP2 Performance Planning process in the FAB context.

A more detailed information note with instructions concerning registration have been sent by email to each Beneficiary country. We are happy to provide any additional information by email.

Governing Body meeting

The Governing Body, composed of representatives of all the Beneficiary countries, sets out the strategic orientations of the Programme and monitors the programme activities and results. The Governing Body has convened every year since the outset of the Programme in 2010.

The final Governing Body meeting of the Programme will take place on Thursday 2 June 2016 in Tirana. The aim of this meeting will be to take stock of the progress made in respect of SES II implementation, and discuss the related next steps foreseen after the end of the Programme.

Further details on the meeting will be provided by email to all Beneficiaries within the next few weeks.


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