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ISIS II Programme Objectives

ECAA Agreement
ISIS I Programme 2010-2012
SES legislation
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The main objective of the ISIS II Programme is to support the Beneficiaries with regard to the implementation of the EU SES II Legislation, with a specific emphasis on the SES performance scheme and on cross-border cooperation aspects.

While the ISIS Programme 2010-2012 focused on the transposition and implementation of SES I, especially by developing a sound legal base and by fostering the capacity of National Supervisory Authorities, the ISIS II Programme takes a step further: the finalisation of actions launched under the ISIS Programme 2010-2012 and initiation of the implementation of the SES II acquis with specific emphasis on the SES performance scheme and cross-border cooperation.

Since most of ISIS Beneficiaries from ISIS Programme 2010-2012 achieved outstanding results in the transposition and implementation of the SES I legislation, the ISIS Governing Body in September 2011 called for a continuation of the Programme and emphasised the benefits of extended support to the European Commission - support to the implementation of a part of SES II acquis in the ISIS II Programme, focusing on two main issues: cross-border cooperation and performance scheme.

As such the objective of the ISIS II Programme is the continuation of technical assistance initiated and carried out under ISIS Programme 2010-2012 by upgrading the technical support beyond the ECAA Agreement that is currently in force and to prepare the Beneficiaries for the challenges the implementation of SES II acquis brings to them.

The ISIS II Programme therefore aims to further support and sustain the extension of the Single European Sky to South East Europe. It also aims to enhance the interconnection of air navigation network infrastructure and services and to align rules and standards. Thus, the ISIS II Programme seeks to assist Beneficiaries in moving beyond the traditional, national approach to air traffic management towards a more integrated European perspective, while promoting consistent national objectives. The inclusion of Prorgamme Beneficiaries (except Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is already member of FAB CE) in existing EU Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs) will constitute the ultimate step of the process of integration between the EU and the Western Balkans region in the field of ATM.

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