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What is the Single European Sky (SES)?


The Single European Sky (SES) is an ambitious initiative, launched by the European Commission in 1999, to reform the architecture of European air traffic management (ATM). It puts forward a legislative approach to meet future capacity and safety needs at a European rather than at local level. Its implementation will increase the overall efficiency of the European air transport system.


The SES regulatory framework will ensure a safer, more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly transport with aviation. It will require states to reform its present set-ups of their organisations and management of the Air Traffic Management Services and to create cross-boarder solutions for its airspace and operational working arrangements



What is Air Traffic Management (ATM)?


Air traffic management encompasses three complementary systems:


·         The air traffic control (ATC) system is in charge of real-time control of air traffic.

·         The air traffic flow and capacity management (ATFCM) system anticipates air traffic flows in order to prevent congestion. In Europe traffic flows are centrally managed by the Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU), through the ETFMS system, both under EUROCONTROL’s responsibility.

·         The airspace management (ASM) system allows optimal use of the airspace capacity (between civil and military airspace users for example).


The management of these three systems helps to increase the number of flights handled by air traffic control, while maintaining the highest levels of safety across the network.


What is the Programme Secretariat (IPS)?


The Programme Secretariat is the structure of experts responsible for managing the Programme in cooperation with the European Commission and the other partners. It is constituted of aviation experts, communication experts and project managers.



How can I get information on the several projects and activities of the ISIS Programme?


You can download our information brochures for the ISIS Programme and its related projects, which provide a summary of the aims of each of the ISIS activities here. For more information about projects, use the following links:


For any other information, you are welcome to contact the Programme Secretariat.



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