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3rd ISIS Governing Body

3rd ISIS Governing Body

Role of the Governing Body

3rd ISIS Governing Body
Brussels 12 September 2012 


ISIS Programme 2010-2012 – Supporting the implementation of Single European Sky in South East Europe

At the 3rd Governing Body meeting of the ISIS Programme, the Partners of the Programme, the European Commission and the Regional Cooperation Council underlined their commitment to provide all the necessary information and resources beyond 2012 for the purpose of assessing the implementation of the Single European Sky II legislation and with a view to enabling an appropriate planning of the support activities to be carried out by the ISIS II Programme and fostering their successful implementation.

The meeting held in Ohrid – MK on 12th September 2012, was co-organised by the European Commission and the Regional Cooperation Council with the support of the Macedonian Civil Aviation Authority.

The conclusions adopted by the Partners of the South East Europe region welcomed the progress achieved in ISIS Beneficiaries under the ISIS Programme and reaffirmed the importance of the continuation of the Programme beyond 2012 as well as the continuation of the activities with regards to the “Study on Air Traffic Flow in the Region”.

At the outset of the meeting the ISIS Beneficiaries expressed the positive feedback on the structure of the ISIS Programme, on its overall and specific support and on the results achieved under the Programme.  

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