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Having in place the appropriate legal basis as well as the necessary NSA documentation and procedures, is a prerequisite for the implementation of the requirements deriving from the EU SES acquis. As the initiative is reaching the second and last part of the three (3) year ISIS Programme cycle, it is necessary to proceed with the assessment of the actual implementation of the SES legislation.
The implementation is considered an important third pillar of the ISIS Programme. The examination of the SES implementation will follow the same principles as the assessment of the SES transposition and the evaluation of the NSA documentation and procedures in place. The assessment of the implementation will take into account the actual performance of the NSAs in the region, i.e. whether and how the NSA performed its tasks. The conclusions of the assessment, together with recommendations will be set out in the report, which will be transmitted to the European Commission. The report should benefit the ISIS Beneficiaries in taking further steps in the implementation of the SES legislation.
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