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The “Capacity Building of NSAs” project aims at supporting the establishment of independent, duly structured and well staffed NSAs in South East Europe. To achieve this goal, the SES legislation must first all be transposed into national legislation. Only subsequently can the NSAs be established and adequately staffed with well trained and competent personnel who will be responsible for performing the tasks of the NSA.
Initial activities encompassed the assessment and identification of:
  • NSA organisational structures in all ISIS Beneficiaries,
  • NSA capacity in ISIS Beneficiaries, and
  • documents and procedures in place in each of the NSAs.
On the basis of the above assessment the IPS developed the following template documentation to enable the Beneficiaries to develop their own national NSA documentation, adapted to the local conditions, requirements and preferences:
  • NSA Generic Handbook, containing information on the NSA duties, governance principles, organisation and resources;
  • NSA procedures, which set out more detailed descriptions of the work to be performed by the NSA, guidance in respect of management of specific activities, etc.
Moreover, the IPS has established and implemented an ISIS Training Plan covering both general and bilateral (OJT) trainings. The general trainings address overall SES requirements that are relevant to all Beneficiaries regardless of their level of maturity. The bilateral trainings are developed specifically for each ISIS Beneficiary and are tailored to cover the identified areas of specific importance in each specific situation. They are organised twice per year per Beneficiary.
All the NSA documentation developed under this project is available in the Documents section.
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