Implementation of SES in South East Europe

Website of the ISIS II Programme (Implementation of the Single European Sky In South-East Europe), funded by the European Commision

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Objectives of ISIS I

ISIS I Objectives

Objectives of ISIS I
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Transposition of SES legislation into national law
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Implementation of SES legislation
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The ISIS Programme seeks to achieve the following general objectives:
  • support the perspective of a European Common Aviation Area;
  • promote an enhanced cooperation between ISIS Beneficiaries and EU Member States and organisations, with a view to better associating all the partners of the sector and reinforcing aviation relations;
  • enhance the implementation of the Single European Sky legislation in South East Europe, in accordance with article 7 of the SES Framework Regulation 549/2004;
  • ensure aligned ANS rules and standards with a view to enhancing the emergence of functional airspace blocks and regional cooperation between service providers;
  • strengthen regional and sub-regional cooperation between national authorities/ bodies with a special attention to efficient civil-military cooperation.
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