Implementation of SES in South East Europe

Website of the ISIS II Programme (Implementation of the Single European Sky In South-East Europe), funded by the European Commision

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Overview of ISIS I Projects

Overview of the ISIS I Projects

Objectives of ISIS I
Overview of ISIS I Projects
Transposition of SES legislation into national law
NSA Capacity Building
Implementation of SES legislation
Safey Culture
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The ISIS Programme encompasses the following projects, which have been specifically endorsed by the ISIS Governing Body:
  • Transposition of the SES legislation into national law, which aims to facilitate the transposition of SES legislation into the national legal orders of ISIS Beneficiaries through the conduct of consistency and gap assessments as by issuing recommendations on the transposition measures to be enacted at national level;
  • Capacity building of NSAs, which aims to support the establishment of independent and well staffed NSAs in all ISIS Beneficiaries as well as to enhance the NSA oversight capabilities;
  • Safety Culture, which aims to enhance and promote safety culture in the field of ATM/ANS at national level, in particular through the establishment and implementation in ISIS Beneficiaries of adequate legal frameworks consistent with the relevant EU legislation;
  • Implementation of SES legislation, which aims to foster the effective implementation of the SES provisions at national level (activities to be initiated in the first quarter of 2012).


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