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The Safety Culture project of the ISIS Programme aims at enhancing and implementing an effective Safety Culture in the ISIS Beneficiaries, in particular through the establishment and implementation of an adequate legal framework consistent with the relevant EU legislation. Safety culture constitutes an important element from the point of view of the aviation sector as a whole; however, only the dimension related to ATM/ANS is included in the remit of the ISIS Programme.
Safety culture (also called “just culture”) is understood in the framework of the ISIS Programme as “an atmosphere of trust in which people are encouraged (even rewarded) for providing essential safety-related information, but in which they are also clear about where the line is drawn between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour[1].
An effective safety culture requires not only an adequate legal and regulatory framework at national level, but also an organisational climate which allows the identification, reporting and analysis of safety occurrences. In this respect, the commitment of senior management is particularly important, in order to bolster the “atmosphere of trust” indispensable for a well-functioning safety culture.
In this sense, the components of a safety culture include reporting, learning, informed and flexible cultures.

In a first phase, the ISIS Safety Culture project focused on providing knowledge regarding various aspects of safety culture through courses (Safety Management Systems (SMS), State Safety Programme (SSP)) and workshops (Safety and Performance Workshop in March 2011), organised in close cooperation with ICAO and ICAO certified instructors.
In a second phase, the ISIS Programme Secretariat has conducted an assessment of the status and consistency of the transposition of EU safety culture provisions in the ISIS Region. The methodology used for assessing the level of legislative alignment achieved by each ISIS Beneficiary is analogical to the methodology developed in the framework of the ISIS Transposition Project. The process of analysing national legislation and assessing its consistency with the EU acquis was conducted in liaison with the ISIS Beneficiaries. The observations and recommendations have been detailed in a report to the European Commission and will be followed up with ISIS Beneficiaries. The support to be provided will be closely coordinated with EASA.

[1] Eurocontrol - EAM 2 / GUI 6 - Establishment of ‘Just Culture’ principles in ATM Safety Data Reporting and Assessment


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