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The ISIS Transposition project provides technical assistance to ISIS Beneficiaries with the objective of fostering the transposition of the Single European Sky acquis into the national legal orders, in accordance with the obligations deriving from the ECAA Agreement.
The ISIS Transposition Project supports a consistent and effective transposition of the SES legislation. The ISIS Programme Secretariat (IPS) has established a methodology and process to monitor and assess the progress made in the level of alignment with the SES legislation. Observations and recommendations are documented in the ISIS Transposition Reports produced regarding each Beneficiary and updated twice a year. The report conclusions are followed up bilaterally with each Beneficiary through bilateral meetings and teleconferences.
The ISIS Programme Secretariat has promoted a pro-active and efficient approach in respect of the ISIS Transposition Project. The support provided to ISIS Beneficiaries includes technical assistance in the preparation and development of national legal acts transposing the SES legislation. Furthermore, the IPS invited ISIS Beneficiaries to develop SES Transposition Action Plans identifying the appropriate actions to be undertaken in the first half of 2011 and specifying the support that the IPS ought to provide to foster an effective and timely transposition process. The established Action Plans have proved a very useful tool for the purpose of enhancing further progress in the level of alignment with the SES legislation.
ISIS Beneficiaries have made considerable progress in the transposition of the SES legislation since the launch of the ISIS Programme in January 2010. Through the ISIS Transposition Project, the IPS will continue to assist ISIS Beneficiaries in their efforts to achieve full alignment with the SES legislation.
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