Implementation of SES in South East Europe

Website of the ISIS II Programme (Implementation of the Single European Sky In South-East Europe), funded by the European Commision

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Organisational structure

IPS - Organisational Structure

Organisational structure

The IPS is comprised of the following staff:


v  IPS Director who is responsible for the task assignment in the IPS and the reporting to the Programme Governing Structure (as owners of the Programme) and to the European Commission (as political and financial umbrella of the Programme).

v Programme Manager who is responsible for the management of the IPS staff, as well as the management of the overall Programme.

v  IPS Project Responsible who acts as a pillar's team leader to ensure a well defined scope management plan as well as the assignment of tasks to team experts, assigned to a specific pillar of the Programme.

v  Experts who provide technical assistance in their fields of expertise by input on the documents and recommendations, provide training in their fields of expertise and participates in forums and workshops related to the pillar (exchange of views). They derive from the EU Member States and EU Organisations (donors) and from relevant international organisations.

v  Communication and Secretarial Assistant who provides administrative and secretarial support to the Programme as well as being responsible for all communication of the Programme.


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